Western researchers wearing space suits crossing the desert

Understanding the Universe through the exploration of frontiers on Earth and in space is a major scientific endeavour that involves tackling some of the major outstanding scientific questions of our time. In parallel, developing the technology required for space exploration represents one of the most challenging engineering opportunities of our time and is an economic and innovation driver for advanced technologies. At the same time, there are increasing commonalities in the techniques and technologies being applied to the exploration of remote and/or extreme locations on Earth, such as Arctic Canada, and deep underground mines, and the exploration of Space. Space also provides a unique way to attract the brightest young minds to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields and engage them in research.
Research conducted by faculty and students under the umbrella of the Institute covers six fundamental Research Themes:
  • Earth Observation, Monitoring and Protection
  • Exploration Technologies
  • Planetary Processes and Materials
  • Galactic and Stellar Processes
  • Space Health
  • Space Policy and Law