Space STEM Activities for Lunar Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


This project aims to deliver interactive experiences to youth across all Canadian provinces and territories through multiple streams: an educational and interactive website, an adaptation of the Mission Control Academy, in-class workshops and activities, virtual presentations, teacher training workshops, and camp programs. 

These hands-on learning experiences will educate youth on the use of AI-enabled robotics such as machine learning, career options in AI, and the development of robotic arm missions. 



Photos from one of Western's Faculty of Engineering LEGO Activate Communications workshops at a school in St Thomas, ON. 
- To raise awareness of Canadian space science, technologies, and missions related to the Moon.
- To use space technologies as a tool to inspire youth to be engaged with STEM disciplines, in particular STEM activities linked to Lunar Gateway.
- To inspire Canadian youth to pursue a career in STEM fields by developing their interests in artificial intelligence and robotics.
- To provide resources and training to teachers to increase their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for teaching STEM topics to young Canadians.


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